How to help chickenpox

Updated: May 12

Some of my mummy friends tell me that chickenpox is doing the rounds (uh oh)

So, I thought now was a good time to post some DIY tips which will hopefully help you and your little one

In this blog I cover tips on how to relieve itching, prevent scaring and some do's and don'ts

What can you do to stop chickenpox from itching?

1. Take oatmeal baths.

Even some of the mildest bath and body products contain synthetic ingredients including perfumes, alcohols and parabens, which can cause skin irritations. Avoid using harsh chemicals and opt for a natural oatmeal bath instead

Oats have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. They act as a natural cleanser removing dirt and oils from the skin whilst keeping the skin moisturised so you do not need to add anything else to your bath or your skin

To make your own very simple DIY oat bath click here

I wash my daughter (age 4) in our Oat and Milk Cleanser. It can be used as a body wash, a facial wash and a bath soak. The cleanser is made from 50% organic Oats and 50% Organic milk powders, including coconut milk. Coconut milk is natural cleanser, highly moisturising, contains high levels of vitamin C and is amazing for the skin. You can find it here

Tip: After the bath, pat the body dry rather than rubbing it (Or you could just wrap your little one up in a towel until they are dry). If you start rubbing them you may cause them to itch more.

2. Keep the skin well moisturised

Dry skin will usually cause irritation, so keeping the skin well moisturised should help with the itching.

If you would prefer not to use the creams prescribed by the dr or chemist then you can use our Calendula Balm on the spots which you can find here.

If you would like to make your own body butter you can find some recipes here

It is also important to keep your body hydrated by drinking plenty of water and other fluids

How to stop chickenpox from scaring

Scars are a natural part of the body’s healing process. When the skin is damaged, the tissue breaks causing a protein called collagen to be released. Collagen helps the damaged area to heal and strengthen, creating a scar.

If you follow the above, this should help reduce your scaring

Here are some other do's and don'ts which you may find useful


  • Make sure fingernails are cut short, so that if your little one does itch, it causes less damage to the skin

  • Make sure hands are clean. You do not want to scratch your chicken pox with dirty hands as this could then cause an infection

  • Wear mittens (mainly for babies)

  • Wear loose fitted clothing made from natural fibers

  • Keep your young ones busy. The more they are occupied the less they will think about scratching


  • Try and dry chickenpox out by using head and shoulders shampoo (I heard this is a thing) It is not safe for use on your baby/child's skin and could therefore make the chickenpox worse. You do not need to dry out the chickenpox

  • Pick your chickenpox scabs - they will scar

  • Scratch your chickenpox (easier said than done but hopefully the above will help)

If you have any other tips, or questions please comment below

Thank you

Samantha x

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