our story

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Hello, I am Samantha, and this is my daughter Lily. 


Together we bring you a brand that promises to provide you with 100% natural skincare at affordable prices.

There are far too many products that have synthetic ingredients added, which don’t need to be there. They have a negative effect to our bodies and skin.

I wanted to strip it right back to basics. We only add ingredients that have a benefit to your skin, body and mind.


How we started…….


​Growing up as a child, my Auntie Sandra gave me my first homemade lip balm, she made all sorts of potions, and her skin was always glowing! 


I started studying Aromatherapy over 10 years ago and fell in love with Essential Oils. Essential Oils play a big part of my daily life and have helped me with my anxieties, aches and pains. I create my own unique oil blends from Organic Essential Oils which are all certified Organic and developed from years of training and research. 

My daughter Lily was born in January 2018. Lily suffered with eczema and skin allergies. She was prescribed emollient steroid creams that contained paraffin. The packaging was marked ‘HIGHLY FLAMMABLE’ ...... Who wants to smother their child in a highly flammable substance?? I didn’t…..


In looking for something more natural, I found that so called 'natural' products on the market were often full of synthetic ingredients.


I created my own brand making 100% natural and organic products and there Samantha Lily was born.


Essential oils

We are surrounded by so much natural beauty,  as we know trees give us oxygen to keep us alive. Just think about that for a moment.


Now think about the flowers, herbs and other nature that surrounds us, this is where essential oils come to life.


Not only do essential oils smell beautiful they also provide so many other benefits for our bodies and minds. Research shows they can help reduce the appearance of wrinkles scars and fine lines, help soothe achy muscles, assist with stress and anxiety management and much more.

I creates each essential oil blend myself. Each formula has been created to benefit the body, skin and well-being. All oil blends are independently toxicology tested and certificated. I only use 100% pure essential oils that are certified organic. 

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If an ingredients is organically possible then I use Organic.

The only time I will use a non organic ingredient is when it is organically not possible. An example of this is salt. Salt cannot be certified as organic. 

When listing all ingredients, each
ingredient must be listed using the International Nomenclature Cosmetic Ingredient (INCI) name, to clearly define
ingredient is being used. 
Commonly known names have been listed under each product, to help the consumer understand what ingredient has been included in the product.